Craft Requirements

  • 6 inch diameter maximum propeller size
  • Frame size 330 millimeter max
  • Multirotor craft with a min of 3 motors
  • 4S maximum LiPo battery
  • Must be capable of up to 3-minute race durations
  • Brushless only

Video Requirements

Power Outputs: 25mw - 200mw (see event for details).

Channels: 40 channels, Race band capable

Ground stations will be supplied, Alternative sources are accepted however you're video will not be reviewed for signal loss and therefore will not be able to re-race.

Recommended Video Transmitters

A  25mw/200mw  switchable VTX is recommended.

All pilots must completely understand all operations of their VTX and be able to switch channels and power, as required by the track and the race officials. In all non-racing cases, VTx’s must powered off.  Channels will be pre-assigned before the races. Racers must be able to switch channels and antennas on their VTX with relative ease if required by the race director.

RH and LH Antennas

Racers must bring both right hand and left hand antennas.

Goggle Requirements


Pilots with fatshark goggles will be able to plug into  supplied ground stations with the provided cables. If you have other goggles you may bring your own rca adapter.

Insurance Requirements

All participants must have acceptable and adequate insurance policies (General Liability and Aviation/Event Specific) in place before participating in any aspect of the event. MAAC Members are covered. For more information CFDR provided insurance, please visit this link

Emergency or Fail-Safe Procedures

  • All fail safe must be set to drop and demonstrated if required by race director
  • Demonstrate Arm and Disarm engagement